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Tuesday, 11 December, 2018
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Living with ICT is an IT magazine which caters information related to Information and Technology with the recent developments in its field. It has three forms as on print, on line and on air; Living with ICT (Monthly Magazine), Living with ICT (Weekly FM Program) and Living with ICT (e-paper) respectively. It is a sincere attempt of some technophile to all the technophiles out there. It comes in print as well as on line every month. It is one of the publications of I C Tech Media Pvt. Ltd.
I C Tech Media’s publications (Print & Digital) are conceptualized by a desire to deliver real, authentic and relevant ICT news. To achieve this goal the editorial team constantly updates existing and potentially new sources of information, data statistics and ICT developments. It includes:
ICT Policy
Best practice
Regulation and compliance
Product & service provider market analysis
Training & career development
Trends & development
I C Tech Media aims to create such content that would be helpful for all our existing and prospective readers. It also assures quality content to the readers as well as the desired result to all the stake holders.

Living with ICT is a print and digital publication that promotes ICT innovation, advocacy, education and awareness campaign. Of course, we strive to give our readers insightful glimpse into an ever-changing business landscape through diverse coverage of companies, products, trends in the existing market.

In view of global trends of media, Living with ICT provides a unique forum where academicians, educationists and students share their knowledge to fellow interest groups to satisfy their thirst for Information & Communication Technology. Moreover, it creates ample spaces for readers of every age group. We believe in keeping pace with the cutting-age-technology to get achievements in this era of Information and Technology. Thus our vision is to build an e-society as our slogan “Building an e-society”.

Improve the livelihood of the society through the optimal use of ICT in all aspects of life.

Our mission is to disseminate the best ICT information to the society.

-To provide an accessible electronic forum for discussion on different matters related to Information & Communication Technology.
-To support students, teachers, social entrepreneurs, academicians, policy makers, regulators, businessmen and others in the way they use technology.
-To present rigorously researched materials to our valued readers as a solution to the present IT problems.
-To fill the digital divide of the society providing ICT information in our mother tongue.

Originally conceived in print, Living with ICT is also available online and in our soon-to-be released tablet-edition to be downloaded on the Apple iPad and Android Tablet devices.

Our Previous Achievements:
Living with ICT is also a FM/Radio program which telecast the ICT related information to the listeners of eastern region from BFM 91.2 since Shrawan 2066. It was one of the most tuned Radio programs on BFM 91.2. Living with ICT was pioneer in print and digital publication well acclaimed by mass of readers and listeners which successfully covered entire region.

Living with ICT is one of the prime names in spreading Youth Capacity Building trainings and creates a milestone for its Volunteer Work of social awareness in urban to rural areas of eastern region. We are conducting different ICT awareness programs, trainings, workshops and symposiums in eastern region.

Living with ICT was entitled the official newsletter of CAN Info-Tech 2011 in Biratnagar. It was published regularly for 4 days during the Neoteric CAN Info-Tech 2011.
Our Publications:
Living with ICT (Monthly Magazine in Print)
Living with ICT (Monthly E-magazine Online)
Living with ICT ( Weekly FM Program On air)
Living with ICT ( Weekly TV Program in the offing )
Living with ICT ( Updates in Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Youtube)

Features and Contents of the Magazine:
 ICT News and Information
 ICT News of popular Gadgets
 ICT Reports based on research of different ICT sector
 Articles on e-Governance, IT education, Software, IT Business
 Features on Cyber crime, Computer and Mobile Technology
 Profile of National and International IT tycoons
 Software, Website, Gadgets and Computer Games Review
 Computer programming secrets and hardware tips
 Mobile technology and common accessories
 Tete-a-tete with an IT expert to promote his business
 Gadget gaff with a glamorous model or a popular celebrity
 IT & Beauty: Mid page will be a glamorous poster of a model posing with a gadget
 Youth & ICT: Representation of budding geniuses from IT field.
 Troubleshooting of ICT related questions with answers from experts
 ICT Bazaar rates of HOT IT STUFSS like cell phones and laptops
 Vox Pop will be the original voices of the people about IT products and services
 Digi-Love features the love messages of readers sent in 160 characters